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We Take Pride in Our Work

Whether you need landscaping installation, regular maintenance, or specific trimming services, we offer a full spectrum of services to cater to your needs. Our landscape maintenance team consists of skilled professionals with extensive experience in landscaping and trimming. We understand the nuances of plant care, design principles, and proper trimming techniques, ensuring optimal results.

Regular trimming is crucial for the health and appearance of your plants. We offer scheduled maintenance to ensure that your landscape remains in top condition year-round. With the right tools and techniques, we efficiently execute landscaping and trimming tasks, minimizing disruption to your routine and ensuring timely project completion.

Benefits of Our Landscape Maintenance
Services In Tahlequah

Well-maintained plants, trees, and lawns contribute to an attractive outdoor environment that boosts curb appeal and makes your property more inviting and adds value to your property. Potential buyers or visitors are more likely to be impressed by a property with clean and well-maintained landscaping.

Regular trimming encourages healthy plant growth. Pruning dead or overgrown branches allows more sunlight and air to reach the plants, leading to better development and vitality. Proper trimming removes diseased or damaged parts of plants, preventing the spread of pests and diseases. Good air circulation resulting from trimming also reduces the risk of fungal growth.

Keeping your landscape free from weeds prevents these invasive plants from stealing nutrients, water, and sunlight from your desired plants. It reduces the need for excessive herbicide use and prevents the spread of weeds.

Maintaining your Landscape

A well-maintained landscape is easier to manage. Regular trimming and weeding reduce the amount of effort required for future maintenance tasks, saving you time and resources. Having Nelson’s Lawn Care maintain your landscaping not only elevates the visual appeal of your property but also ensures the health and longevity of your plants and outdoor space. It’s an investment that pays off in terms of aesthetics, property value, and your own enjoyment of your surroundings.

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Why Choose
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There's No Easier Way To Get Landscape Maintenance Services Than Our Simple 3 Step Process

Step 01

Get A Quote

Start your lawn care service by requesting a fast quote. Based on the specifications of your project, we’ll send you an individualized quote.

Step 02

Schedule Service

Scheduling service is easy when you rely on Nelson’s Lawn Care. We work closely with our clients to ensure you’re receiving service at a time that’s best for you.

Step 03

Relax & Enjoy

Once the day arrives for your scheduled service, we’ll arrive promptly equipped with the right tools to get the job done effectively, so you don’t have to worry.

We Can Transform Any Area Of Your Property!

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Areas We Service

At Nelson’s Lawn Care, we’re proud to work with our local community. If you’re in Cherokee County or any of the surrounding areas, you can always rely on us for quality service.

We Provide The Highest Quality Landscape Maintenance In Cherokee County

Frequently Asked
Landscape Maintenance Questions

Landscaping refers to the art and practice of modifying and designing outdoor spaces, such as flower beds, gardens,and lawns, to enhance their beauty, functionality, and overall appeal.

Landscaping improves the aesthetics of your property, increases its value, and creates a harmonious outdoor environment. It also offers functional benefits like erosion control, shade provision, and space utilization.

Landscape maintenance involves tasks like mowing, trimming, pruning, fertilizing, and managing pests to keep your outdoor space looking its best and ensuring the health of your plants.

Yes, a well-designed and maintained landscape can significantly improve the curb appeal and overall value of your property. Landscaping is a dynamic field with many aspects to consider. If you have specific questions about your landscaping project, seeking advice from Nelson’s Lawn Care can help you achieve your desired outdoor space.

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